about us

The Bark Station Pet Salon has been in the same location in Burlingame, CA for nearly 30 years and has pampered many furry tailed friends! Our head Groomer has trained and worked by the side of a Master Groomer for many years, picking up the best trimming and grooming techniques on the market.

Welcome to The Bark Station Pet Salon!

The Bark Station has been a friendly all-breed dog grooming salon in Burlingame, CA for nearly 30 years. We've built ourselves a reputation for having a laid back staff of friendly professionals who have a gentle touch when handling our furry customers. We believe the reputation is well-deserved!

Hypoallergenic baths – trimming – ear cleaning – full pet pampering!

Check out some before & after shots of our furry patrons!

We aren't a mass production pet salon; we take care of the animals as if they were a member of our family and ensure they're all individually handled, never cage dried, and never overheat. Your dog deserves a day of pampering, so make an appointment at the Bark Station today! If time is of the essence, a pre-scheduled appointment can result in a fast turnaround of as short as 2 – 3 hours. You would be called to retrieve your furry friend!

The owners of the Bark Station also breed gorgeous Norwegian elkhounds and specialize in trimming Bouviers (we're one of the few shops in the area that can have them looking their best!). We offer generous business hours to accommodate your schedule, so contact us to find out about our availability.